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Вот когда уже 6 утра это надо сразу спать ложиться или можно уже не париться ибо уже всеравно поздно?
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кстати сегодня видел МАКСА !
Вроде жив пока -- но говорить с ним не стал.Какого черта ?
Who does he think he is ? Some master of all ?

Gotta spend a big deal of evolving time before I can stand to that new level of
shit-in-the-face attitude. Or maybe when I'm in desperate need of drugs again)
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Don't be sad -- whatever happens it doesn't really matter. Whether you do it
wrong or right -- it's alright. I got life and what is it all about but to
fall to the depth and rise to shine. I ain't got no big problem to solve in me life,
no race I have to come winning in -- so relax, sit back, watch it roll, dude.

Tis' no big deal whatever gets you thru the night
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I feel I'm so tired as if I lived a thousand years now. I think I won't last very long if I don't change something quick. But it seems: what is it that I didn't see that is worth seeing ?

I'm sick of pretending I'm interested in something I'm not. But the point is that when I look
inside myself I don't see anything that really excites me -- I've forgotten what is it to be
sad or happy.

I live just because I cannot stop living.
I've seen a people killing their conciousness just to stop this nightmare...
How come I end up like this ?

Diagnosis and solution will be appreciated)

Although I hope it's just a single outburst -- but still these become
frighteningly frequent...
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Isn't that a tragedy ?

Don't you think John was so tired of living,
he wanted to get shot?

Since he met Yoko she used to hold him under great
psychological pressure.
That's I think is the reason why his
songwriting became so smooth and peaceful,
although it once was a scream of a rebel
(Still I can't say it became worse -- it just changed)

John was exhausted of the revolution and struggle that
he had to represent for mass media and all the people.
He simply lacked peace and love in his life !!

Yoko manipulated with John's feelings -- she just wanted to be
big star, while being just a little spark.
In the light of John's sunshine she was hardly seen
but still he loved her.

Anyone can see -- the songs of love John wrote for Yoko are
numerous, while:
What are the songs Yoko was recording were about?

John made a star out of Yoko just the way she wanted to be and
she didn't need him anymore -- the next step was to get rid of John
That was easy as he was tired of this kind of life, too.

Maybe Mark Chapman was even a lucky way out of such a dilemma.

That's the way I see it ...
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